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Our Story.
Our Mission.

Jim and Lori met in the gym in 2007. Jim was teaching a Progressive Resistance Training class and Lori was looking to get strong. She wanted her outsides to match her insides. A runner for almost three decades, her body was starting to resist. Injuries left her unable to run. Jim suggested she try the bike, it would be easier on her body. Lori rediscovered her love of biking as a child and together, they formed Cycle Club Kingston and guided, coached, and trained cyclists of all levels to maximize their individual potential from 2008-2016.

A friend introduced Lori to a nutritional cleansing & replenishment system in 2009. She lost 21 lbs, 27 inches and 9% body fat! Digestion improved. Energy increased. She felt better than ever. Soon after, Jim joined her and lost 40 lbs!

Having the right nutrition helps Jim and Lori maintain weight, improve their athletic performance, and age gracefully. By inviting people to our team and sharing our amazing products, we all have the opportunity to build a residual income.

We help people, just like you, eat better, feel better, look better, move better, and do better! As we grow together as a team, we begin to embrace this idea of helping others grow toward health freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom. As a team, TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE and …we are simply better together.

Meet Jim:

I met my wife, Lori at the gym. She showed up at the Progressive Resistance Training class I was teaching and told me she wanted to be strong. As her new personal trainer, I went to work to help her with her outside physique.

A year later, she began her journey with Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishment. I watched as she lost 23 pounds, 27 inches, and 9% body fat. She gained mental clarity, confidence, and focus. Nutrition changed her on the inside. With her new efficient power-to-weight ratio, she began to fly on her bike.

Her results were both emotional and visible. It didn’t take long for me to join her.

My background as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, fitness editor and photo-journalist led me to believe I knew it all. I was an elite athlete, a National Champion, and a National Record holder in Powerlifting. I was confident in my knowledge and credentials. 

It turns out, you just don’t know what you don’t know!

We began to meet other people that were doing what we were doing. They had big dreams and goals, and they were completely and significantly improving their finances and mastering their lives. They were improving their health and building wealth. The biggest shock was that they were doing this in half the time that I was putting into my business. I was blown away and wanted to know how I could achieve the same success.

As a self-employed personal trainer & business owner, I had a small but adequate gym that I built, maintained, and paid rent for. I worked long hours, traveled many miles to train clients, and often felt more like a sounding board or therapist than a trainer. Reviewing my hours along, I  realized that I did not own my business, my business owned me.

“If you trade time for dollars you’ll work until the day you die.” 

It was hard to admit, but my economic growth was limited by the number of hours I worked.  The longer and harder I worked, the bigger the toll it took on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. As much as I loved my training clients, I was BURNED OUT. Looming in the back of my mind was the question, “How much longer do I want to do this? How much longer CAN I do this”

At first, when I watched the lifestyle of so many successful entrepreneurs, I was skeptical that I could do it myself.  In the beginning, I saw it as hard. It seemed impossible in my mind. Surely, it could not be as easy as they made it seem. 

I decided to trust them and more importantly, trust myself.  I had a wonderful physical, mental, and emotional transformation, and I was recognized for those changes on a pretty big stage. 

The health solution had so positively impacted and changed the course of my life, it was a no brainer to share it with others. I quickly began seeing it impact the lives of others. I stepped into a bigger role of coach, mentor, and leader. 

I saw this culture we were building as a paradigm shift that would change how people looked at taking care of their health.  I began to explore the financial, the company, the community, and its culture. 

It is time to have an incredible financial transformation by building a team. It is ime for a new lease on life.

My life changed the day I decided, that I was ALL IN. This was exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know existed.

There are so many people within our reach that are hurting physically, financially, and emotionally. I have a solution. And you don’t have to be hurting to recognize that this is a good idea. 

I now make a full-time income in part-time hours. Best of all, I help people get healthy and show others how to take ownership of their life and their future. It feels good to help others make progress toward physical and financial freedom.

I am excited to show others how they can impact people’s lives while helping them to gain or regain their fit & fabulous life. I love showing them how they can impact their outside quickly and significantly, but more importantly, impact their insides by providing the body with the nutrients requires to live a healthy and wholesome life! 

If you are wondering if this could be for you too, reach out. You just don’t know what you don’t know!

Lori King, Tempe, AZ

Meet Lori

Hi there! My name is Lori King and I’m excited to share with you a little bit about my story, my background, and my vision.

I grew up in the Finger Lakes region of Central NY. My dad was a truck driver who worked LOTS of hours, and often two or three jobs at a time. He was a hard worker. His belief was that your primary job paid the bills, and your overtime or 2nd job paid for toys and FUN!

My mom was a bookkeeper at a local grocery store. I also remember her working from home as a Girl Scout Cookie mom handling orders, warehousing, and distribution. She was also a Tupperware lady! Tupperware pioneered the direct marketing strategy made famous by the Tupperware party. The Tupperware party allowed for women to work and enjoy the benefits of earning an income while still keeping their focus on family and home.

I’m grateful for the work ethic that my dad taught me and the entrepreneurial spirit – along with the belief you could earn an income from home – my mom instilled in me.

For the first half of my career, I followed my dad’s path. Multiple streams of income simply meant working multiple jobs. However, this often meant working 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays. I traded time for money. My time was not my own. My money was not accumulating. If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. My health declined. And I lacked the time and energy to fully pursue my passion and optimize my performance as an athlete.

In 2009 as a result of some health challenges, a friend and fellow athlete introduced me to a nutritional cleansing & replenishment system that not only transformed my health, improved my athletic performance, and gave me the athletic physique I had always wanted, it also provided me with the opportunity to own my own business, while working from home, side by side with my best friend and love of my life,  Jim!

It has taken some time, but I am really getting the hang of this! No boss. No employees. No such thing as Monday thru Friday 9-5. Every day is a day to be enjoyed!

I am focused on transformations. I love working with people who are motivated to improve their health, optimize their athletic performance, and generate additional income. We collaborate, we do not compete. And together we create a lifestyle that includes health freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom.

I am excited to get to know you and learn about your dreams and passions in life. And I will do whatever I can to assist you to achieve them. 

With that being said, we are building a team and community of like-minded, positive, can-do people who have decided to transform their lives. I am so excited to partner with you. So much greatness and belief have been poured into me and I look forward to paying it forward! 

Again, I look forward to getting to know you and personally assisting you to transform your health, optimize your athletic performance, AND move you toward a life of more fun, more play, more relaxation, greater contribution, and freedom: health freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom!