Balanced Wellness Through Menopause

Hot flashes and night sweats, that’s all there is to menopause, right?

Not necessarily.

Menopause symptoms can include weight gain, itchiness, bitchiness, insomnia, brain fog, low libido, vaginal dryness, irregular periods, headaches, depression, anxiety, emotional instability and more.

Menopause is just for older women, right?

The average age a woman goes through menopause is 51, however it can be younger, especially if the ovaries are removed or damaged due to disease or medication.

Women just have to suffer through menopause. It’s part of getting old.

Women have more control over their situation in menopause than they think.

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So, you’re moving along though life, relatively comfortable. Sure, not everything is perfect, but life is pretty good.

Then, either gradually or suddenly (as was my case), the hot flashes and night sweats begin. You gain weight. You can’t sleep. You are on an emotional rollercoaster that makes PMS look like a kiddy ride at the carnival. You’ve lost all interest in your job, your mate, sex, the kids, and pretty much everything in life.

You ask Dr. Google and read about HRT but that is scary. You join a Facebook group and all you see are complaints without solutions. You ask your doctor for help with your weight and he tells you it is simply part of aging.

Suddenly, you find yourself suffering through menopause in silence. You feel alone, confused, afraid, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Many women get stuck here for years or even decades. Struggling to find their balance. Wondering if they will ever feel good in their body again.

I know. I’ve been there.

Several years ago, I went into surgery hoping for the best-case scenario: the removal of an ovary and cyst. I awoke to the worst-case scenario: a full hysterectomy and sudden surgical menopause.

I found myself feeling lost and misunderstood as I navigated my journey through surgical menopause. Everything, from getting up in the morning to getting myself through my workday and finding the energy to socialize and maintain relationships, became laborious.

I felt alone, confused, afraid, overwhelmed and frustrated
This was a time of crying, screaming, and yelling.
Then, after several months, there came a time to rise.

I combined everything I knew from traditional and nontraditional healing practices. I explored new paths and lifestyle changes to reduce stress and improve my life’s balance and overall wellness.

I uncovered passions and spent more time focusing on the positive.

As I focused on happiness, balance and joy showed up.
And there was hope.

However long you’ve been struggling with menopause, you can decide today to take action and go to work toward balanced wellness.

Get Balanced Wellness

You don’t have to suffer.

I’ll share with you simple tools to change your thoughts, words, and feelings.

I’ll explain what lifestyle changes you can make to either maintain or lose weight.

I’ll show you ways to take your focus off your symptoms.

These tools and changes will require time, consistency, and a commitment to change. If you are ready to commit to feeling better, then

Get Balanced Wellness

By now you are probably wondering who am I to teach this?

Who is Lori Ann King?

I am an author, speaker, blogger, certified sports nutritionist, and Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach.

I am a cyclist and bodybuilder.

I have an an undergraduate degree in Recreation from Western State College of Colorado and an advanced certificate in Information Management from Syracuse University.

Most important, I’m not a doctor or a hormone specialist. I’m simply a woman who was having an ovarian cyst removed and woke up having had a hysterectomy and in full-onset surgical menopause.

This course explains what I wish I knew ahead of time and what I have since learned. It’s foundation is my personal experience and what I did to help myself.

Look, this isn’t for everyone because not everyone is willing to do the work. I will push you to make lifestyle changes and create better habits and while you might not like it from time to time, you will certainly like the results, do you know what I’m saying?. If you truly understand it takes EFFORT to take find balanced wellness through menopause, then hit “Get Balanced Wellness” now. If you still think there is some magic pill out there that will help you feel better... good luck, God bless you, this is not for you. If you are in the first group,

Get Balanced Wellness


Don't waste years trying to figure this out for yourself!!!

I had a "complete hysterectomy" 16 years ago at the age of 45. I thought that the way I felt was just what I had to go through and I had no choice in how I reacted to the way I felt. I now wish I had had this back then. Lori walks you through how to overcome many of the problems you will face. Don't waste 16 years figuring things out for yourself.

~ Debbie Daniels


Someone Who Understands!

Lori Ann King has brought honesty, vulnerability, grit and humor to this guidebook for "life after" sudden, abrupt menopause and shares how to return - not to the life you knew, but to a better life. Tips, tricks, laughter and love are in abundance here. Thank you, Lori Ann!

~ Nancy Ottinger

Course Fee: $99

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