There is Strength in Community

When you become part of the Living Life More Abundantly Members' Club, you're not only gaining access to weekly live training with Jim and Lori King, but you're also becoming connected to a community of people who value what you do and want to help you be your best in health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, and mindset.

We’ve committed this season of life to mentoring, training, and equipping people to live life more abundantly in health and wellness. We are all better together, so we’re building a fantastic community empowered with the knowledge and mindset to build a healthier life, whatever that means to you.

If you're tired of feeling like you're trying to figure it out by yourself, and you'd like to connect with some truly great people who "speak your language," you'll love being part of this community.

The Members' Club is made up of health-minded individuals at all skill and knowledge levels (beginner to expert), and we have a great time growing, learning, and living life more abundantly together.


Catherine R.

I have never had more thoughtful physical and personal advice than that I received from Jim King. He has taken his own intense struggle to become truly himself and turned it into a gentle desire to help everyone be their physical and emotional best. He and his wife Lori bring love to all they do.

Gilda M.

My friendship started with Jimmie during the time he was my trainer in Brooklyn. His friendship and encouragement on so many levels has guided me up a healthier and happier path!

Carolyn R., 

Lori has a keen understanding of the mind-body component involved in the healing journey. Her many tips and ideas for how to deeply connect with this aspect of one’s being will inspire readers to explore facets of themselves that can kindle healing and transformation.

When you become part of the Members' Club, you receive...

  1. Weekly Community Calls, where we gather online for information, support, and accountability.
  2. Instant access to our Video Training Vault, which contains hours of video instruction on exercise, nutrition, menopause, and mindset that will teach you how to build a life of wellbeing. We've included over 125 videos already, and we add to it weekly.
  3. Instant access to our Community Portal and Facebook group. Engage with a diverse group of people on a mission to live their healthiest life.
  4. Monthly "Office Hours" for hands-on mentorship and help with your healthy lifestyle.
  5. Strategies and systems that will help you reach your health and wellness goals and live life more abundantly.
  6. Lifelong friendships with people who have inspiring health and wellness stories and speak your language.
  7. A weekly email with advanced access to new blogs, videos, training, courses, ebooks, and special VIP discounts.
  8. An Affiliate Program where you can earn money through referrals to our membership and courses.
  9. Monthly Group Challenges

Premium add-on option: Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Call/Zoom w/ Jim King. (Coming Soon!)

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