Raging Love

An Athlete’s Journey to Self-Validation and Purpose

Raging Love, by Jim and Lori Ann King

Raging Love,
by Jim and Lori Ann King

Raging Love gives us a glimpse…

at the life and athletic career of Powerlifting National Champion Jimmie D. King.

With stunning candor, Jim shares his intimate and deeply personal perspective—including his challenges and struggles with bullies, physical limitations, childhood abuse, disappointments, oppression, and racism—and how he evolved and adapted over seven decades to stay as close to the ball as possible while learning to serve and develop the talents of others.

Far more than a sports memoir, Raging Love is a gripping tale of perseverance and purpose and a reminder that finding one’s path is, above all, an evolution from psychological discipline and mental toughness to forgiveness, spiritual peace, self-knowledge, and self-love.

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ISBN: 978-1-78255-231-4

what They’re Saying

Book Reviews

Raging Love … from “feel bad” to “feel good” … revealing and uplifting … from winning is everything to losing self in order to give to others.  A “Phoenix” of a story that shows us that in order to “stay close to the ball” you really have to pass it to others because none of us can win in life without an assist from others.  Jim gives us that assist in his bare all journey … thank you, Jim!!!

Steve Rybczynski

Resilient, determined, a force.

Jimmie took everything that was handed to him, all the hardship, the ache, the disappointment, the pain, and he turned it around to better himself and those around him. Jimmie’s story could have gone all different ways, but he took the road that lead him to love, to happiness, and to contentment. Anyone with any kind of pain needs to read Jimmie’s story. He is an inspiration!!

(Jimmie’s story and your writing brought tears to my eyes!!!! Fantastic book!!)

Mari Weisman

Throughout his childhood, Jimmie faced abuse, racial discrimination, and physical limitations. In spite of it all, he showed the mettle to not only overcome, but succeed as a professional athlete and in life. Raging Love will move you.

Andrea Carrara

My friendship started with Jimmie during the time he was my trainer in Brooklyn. His friendship and encouragement on so many levels has guided me up a healthier and happier path!

Gilda Mooney-Dube

Aloha My Friend. Mel And I wish you all the luck in the world on this new book. It’s a great read, accomplishments that are unreal. The fact that you endured the things you did? Wow. Mel And I have known you and Lori for 3-4 years know. You have been an inspiration to both of us through out the time that we have known you. Reading this just validates the man that you truly are. Mahalo for all you do.

Love ya man.

Chuck Booth

Truthful, honest to the bone!  A great read that brought back some great and some bad situations in my own youth growing up with a dominate mean military father.  Highlights the emotional, physical struggles of a black professional athlete during a difficult time of US history.  Shows how someone can make themselves the person that they want to be.  Again, a Great Read!

Lou Gelling

We all experience difficult events in life.  We have a choice of whether those events trap and ensnare us, or not.  “Raging Love” is the story of one man who used his experiences to make himself better. He used rage to make himself a champion, but eventually, with hard work, he let go of bitterness and anger.  He opened his heart and chose forgiveness and love.  Jimmie’s inspiring story helps the readers choose the better way.  

Nancy Ottinger

Jimmie has endured so much and always comes out on top.  Jimmie and Lori are one of those couples that dreams are made of! Together they give off this energy of love. It’s like a ginormous hug like the first moment I remember with Jimmy! Whenever you are around them- you just feel so much love. I would have never thought that Jimmie had endured so many hardships because he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. Our past may always creep into our present day self but it doesn’t define us! Jimmie is a perfect example of that! This book is a must read even if you don’t know the King’s. It makes you want to be the absolute best version of yourself!

Jessica Mull

I have never had more thoughtful physical and personal advice than that I received from Jim King. He has taken his own intense struggle to become truly himself and turned it into a gentle desire to help everyone be their physical and emotional best. He and his wife Lori bring love to all they do.

Catherine Reinis

I’ve known Lori since high school and have never had the opportunity to meet her husband, Jimmie; at least until reading this book.

My favorite quote from Raging Love: “People aren’t defined by the storm they face; they’re defined by how they react to the storm.”

We all face storms in life; some of those preparing us for our futures, as many of them did for Jimmie in a variety of ways. Great book for anyone –  not just the sports enthusiast – looking for purpose and trying to find their way in a crazy world.

Ruth O'Neil

Author, What a Difference a Year Makes series

I could not put this book down. I read Raging Love in one day. Captivating, raw, insightful and a true glimpse of grit. 

Jennifer Ostrowski

“Raging Love” is an authentic tale that proves with age comes wisdom and clarity. It has inspired me to find my own truths and reignite my passions for a greater purpose. 

Carol Lieberman

A beautifully crafted true story of perseverance and endurance.  This courageous and transformative journey will inspire you, encourage you and leave you lifted.    

Lauren Mascolo

Powerfully written! Brings out all the emotions. A true story to remind us our past doesn’t define us but can propel us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Jennifer Zepeda Riveira

Raging Love is an amazing page-turner about the examination of identity and healing. I highly recommend. 

Barb Lingle

Jimmie’s story inspires! He has overcome numerous challenging life experiences with courage and strength. Jimmie’s willingness to share his life experiences to give hope and encouragement to others who may be on similar journeys is a gift to the world!

Melissa Barkell

Jimmie and Lori are two of the highest frequency people I have met.  You know them before they even speak with smiles that can light up a room, and a positivity that is tangible! Their biggest gifts are being able to translate their pain, growth and healing into a passion to help others.

Laura Mullvihill

Lifestyle Entrepreneur